Concept Advantage’s MEME ME Design Suite Purchase Terms and Conditions

Printed Variations

Designs may have slight variations in color after being printed due to monitor differences. Additionally, the final printed product may look different compared to how it looks on the MEME Me design Suite because of picture quality being used. To try avoiding this, if you are uploading an image to be printed, please make sure it is high quality. The MEME Me design suite should give you a warning and not allow an image upload if images are of very poor quality. But at the same time we do not take responsibility if of the final printed product if the picture you use looks low quality due to an image you upload. That being said, we do our very best to get you a great product that you will really enjoy! Please contact us with Special Requests and we will process low quality images if that is what your art requires.

Acceptable Content Guidelines

Concept Advantage is proud to empower anyone who loves to design and the drive to share their work online, wherever they’re located.

We want submitted content to be respectful of others and of the law, so keep that in mind before you hit the add to cart button in the Concept Advantage MEME Me Design Suit. Content that is hateful, illegal, and/or that violates intellectual property rights may be reviewed and may potentially be removed at any time.

Intellectual Property Rights

Concept Advantage respects your work and empowers you to express your voice and ideas. We ask that you respect the work and creative rights of others. You need to either own the content you submit to Concept Advantage, or have the rights to use, display, and resell it. Content must comply with right of publicity, trademark, and copyright laws.

Illegal Content

We will reject, remove and ban users for life if content submitted depicts child pornography. Obscene content, or content that depicts or promotes illegal activity may be grounds for rejection as well. You also have to follow your local laws and those of the regions we’re shipping orders to. It’s your responsibility to understand what you legally can and can’t do in your area.

Hateful Content

Concept Advantage is proud to serve customers from around the world. We value tolerance, understanding, and respect. We don’t tolerate content that expresses hatred towards any person or group. You cannot upload this sort of content – it’s just not in the spirit of Concept Advantage.

A Few More Notes

All content is subject to review and we reserve the right to remove it at any time and for any reason. Each case is evaluated individually. With that being said, have fun, make lots of content and share all over social media!

Concept Advantage Affiliates

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